The Electrical Wiring Service Provider You Can Rely on

In the modern generation, it is difficult for us to complete a task without the help of electricity. Just like the other systems in our establishment, the electrical system also gets damaged. You should have it repaired as soon as possible before misfortunes happen, and AM Power And Lighting LLC is the expert you should call. We are the electrical wiring service provider in Baldwin, NY that delivers quality service regardless if it is residential or business property. Expect impeccable results at a reasonable cost once you acquire our service.

Electrical Service

Electrical Service

The experience of our electricians

You should be knowledgeable and well-trained when working with electrical wirings, and we pride ourselves on that. Our company only employs highly-qualified electricians with extensive experience in professional rewiring service. They know the process and abide by the guidelines of the industry to ensure the safety of both lives and property. Before starting any repairs, we will inspect the electrical system of your establishment first. Regardless if it is rewiring or panel upgrades, we will not compromise the integrity of your structure by being reckless in doing our job.

The competitive rates of our service

Even if they don’t have the right electrical tools and equipment, property owners choose to do the electrical jobs by themselves due to the high service rate offered by some electricians. But if you acquire our electrical wiring and panel services, this will not be the case. We want you to reduce the expenses for your establishment, which is why we provide an estimate for our service. It will be a comprehensive estimate stating the electrical equipment and materials we use. As a preferred low voltage wiring contractor, we guarantee you that the estimate you got is the least service cost we can offer.

AM Power And Lighting LLC is the company you can trust when it comes to quality and affordable electrical services. We serve the clients residing in the Rockville Centre NY;Oceanside NY;Freeport NY;Baldwin Harbor NY;Roosevelt NY areas. Aside from the main electrical system, we also offer computer wiring service in Baldwin, NY. To book our service, give us a call at (347) 200-1157.